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Murray Newsletter - October 10, 2018


2018 10 10 MRRY BLDG SPLY


(by Pat Zeigler)

When you choose to live in a small town, you trade some conveniences of the larger city for the peace and comfort of living in a smaller rural area. I never liked the phrase 'bedroom community', meaning that people just basically come to their homes long enough to sleep there, but then work, shop and play elsewhere.

There are many jokes about small town life, too, but they're harmless. 'They had to widen the road to paint the yellow line down the middle' and 'the city limit signs are on the same post' or 'their zip code is a fraction'. 'Everyone knows your business' is the first thing people say when you tell them you live in a little town. It's not a joke, but a somewhat true statement. But switch that around. Do you know the businesses there?

Last week we had a small project going at the house, so Mike made a run to the lumberyard. When I heard the door open just a few minutes later, I thought he'd forgotten to take the measurements he needed or something else and didn't think much about it. (We're always forgetting something when we leave the house, and usually end up going around the block to make sure we put the garage door down. We've even forgotten to look at the house and make a second trip around the block. It's a wonder we ever get anywhere on time!) Anyway, he had a somewhat stunned look on his face and said, 'The lumberyard's closed'.  I asked if he meant it was just for a couple of hours,  due to illness or a funeral and he replied, 'No, for good.  There's a sign on the door'.  I couldn't believe it.  Not Murray's lumberyard.  I don't know how long it's been a fixture here, but when I came to Murray in 1974, it was already here.  At that time it carried the name of Livingston Lumber.

Sometimes it seemed we made two or three trips to the lumberyard each week, (sometimes that many in a day), then we'd go a few weeks before visiting there again. But when we needed to make a trip to the lumberyard, it was nice to hear one of the workers ask, 'How are the kids?' or 'Did that fitting work out that you picked up for that project the other day?' 

Through the years, we came to know the many employees, who were always courteous and helpful. If they didn't have what you needed, they'd offer to get it, if you could wait a day or two.  Sometimes they'd even have it the same day and possibly deliver it, too.  

It's always sad to see a business close.  It really does 'take a village' to keep it going though. The revenue it brings in helps to fuel the town's economy, provides jobs and a service to those other small communities around the area and it cannot thrive without your support. 

So when people say, 'everyone knows your business', you need to re-think what that means.  Support your small town businesses or someday our country will be nothing but big businesses with a bunch of ghost towns woven in between.  

Thank you, Murray Building and Supply, for many, many years of serving our area.






2018 10 10 BL craft and vendor flyer



2018 10 10 4 H



patrotic animated 4th of July fireworks 1

Murray Freedom Festival Meeting Date Change

Friends, The Murray Freedom Festival NEEDS YOUR HELP!


This month the Murray Freedom Festival Board of Trustees and Volunteers will meet at 7 pm on Tuesday, October 16, 2018, Murray Town Hall, 106 W. Main Street, Murray, NE, to discuss the future of the Murray Freedom Festival.

The 2018 Murray Freedom Festival was a fantastic event, but the MFF NEEDS YOUR HELP TO CONTINUE!

Without your help, the Murray Freedom Festival will not have the human or monetary resources necessary to run an event in 2019. This means that the 2018 Murray Freedom Festival is in peril of being the LAST one.

If you have enjoyed the 4th of July events in Murray, we NEED YOUR HELP to continue providing a Fourth of July Celebration for the people in and around the Village of Murray for the year 2019 and beyond!!

The Murray Freedom Festival, a long-running 501c3 non-profit organization, is looking for enthusiastic individuals who are interested and have the time to help run the Murray Freedom Festival!

We meet once a month, on the first Tuesday, (unless otherwise noted), and meet a few additional times as the 4th of July nears.

People who are interested in being on the Board, those interested in running events, and people who would like to see the 4th of July continue in Murray are welcome and urged to attend.

Please bring your ideas and interests. All positions on the Board of Directors are available, as are all event chairman positions.

DON’T LET THE MURRAY FREEDOM FESTIVAL END WITH THE 2018 CELEBRATION! Please show your support and volunteerism at the next meeting.

Thank you.

We welcome your ideas to help us improve our events!




Enable Savings Plan Launches New Account Bonus Program for Individuals with Disabilities

$50 Bonus to Benefit 50 New Account Owners

Lincoln, Neb. (October 2, 2018) – First National Bank of Omaha and Nebraska State Treasurer Don Stenberg have announced the kickoff of Enable’s $50 New Account Bonus Program.

From September 25 through December 31, a $50 bonus contribution will be awarded to the first 50 eligible individuals who open and contribute a minimum of $50 to a new account. Accounts can be opened online at or on paper and mailed to the address on the enrollment form. To claim the bonus, visit

“Watching individuals with disabilities achieve financial independence with the support of the Enable Savings Plan has been truly rewarding. As the positive impact of the Plan grows, we are pleased to be able to offer a bonus to help more qualifying individuals with disabilities open and manage their own Enable accounts,” said Treasurer Stenberg, Trustee of Enable.

“Fall is the perfect time to do a financial refresh, which is why we are delighted to announce the launch of this new account bonus,” said Deborah Goodkin, Managing Director, Savings Plans, First National Bank of Omaha. “With so many benefits to Enable accounts, including tax-free savings and withdrawals at no risk to public benefits, there is no better time to open an account and begin the journey toward financial independence. I encourage qualifying individuals to take advantage of this offering and to join the strong and thriving Enable community.”

Launched June 30, 2016, the Enable Savings Plan was one of the first national ABLE savings plans offered. Enable provides tax-free savings accounts to people with disabilities, allowing them to save without affecting their public benefits like Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

About the Enable Savings Plan
Enable is a tax-advantaged savings plan to help make saving simple and affordable for individuals with disabilities. Nebraska State Treasurer Don Stenberg serves as Trustee. First National Bank of Omaha serves as Program Manager, and investments are approved by the Nebraska Investment Council. Visit and for more information.

About First National Bank of Omaha
First National Bank is a subsidiary of First National of Nebraska. First National and its affiliates have more than $21 billion in assets and 5,000 employee associates. Primary banking offices are located in Nebraska, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, South Dakota and Texas.

Investments Are Not FDIC Insured* No Bank, State or Federal Guarantee May Lose Value
*Except the Bank Savings and Checking Options



2018 10 03 MCC chicken noodles 1



2018 10 03 MCC Halloween hotdogs 1



2018 04 25 NE register 2 vote

If you're not happy with how we're currently being governed, and even if you are satisfied with it, you should realize that it's your duty and privilege to VOTE. This fall's elections could prove to be truly historic. Be a part of history!

There are no more excuses for not voting on election day.  You also have the option to vote EARLY in person at the election office or by mail, but YOU MUST BE REGISTERED FIRST TO VOTE and registering to VOTE is SO EASY, but there are DEADLINES to meet!

To see who and what you have the right to vote for, and deadlines, check out the Nebraska Secretary of State's webpage here:

Below are the regulation guidelines from Nebraska's Secretary of State:

Voting Deadlines for Elections

"Secretary of State John Gale outlined deadlines regarding voter registration and early voting for the coming statewide elections.

Early Voting by mail for elections start 35 days prior to an election, while Early Voting in person at Nebraska County Election Offices starts 30 days prior to the Election.

Any registered voter can cast an Early Voting ballot.

Gale listed the following deadlines for the statewide elections:

• Mail-in voter registrations must be postmarked by the 3rd Friday preceding an election.
• Voter registration closes at motor vehicle offices, state agencies, and online through the Secretary of State’s website on the 3rd Friday preceding an election.
• In-person voter registration at County Election Offices ends at 6 p.m. the 2nd Friday preceding an election. This includes registration changes such as updating an address.
• Registered voters can make requests until the close of business the 2nd Friday preceding an election for Early Voting ballots to be mailed. The day before the election is the deadline for in-person Early Voting at County Election Offices.
• 8 p.m. Central Time / 7 p.m. Mountain Time Election Day, (the hour set for the polls to close), is the deadline for all Early Voting ballots to be returned to the County Election Office. The Secretary of State’s website provides detailed information regarding the voting process. The website includes the Nebraska Voter Registration Application form, an application to request an Early Voting ballot, addresses and phone numbers for County Election Offices, and a look-up tool that allows voters to verify their registration status.

Gale reminded people to update their voter registration if they have moved within a county or submit a new registration if they have moved from one county to another. Gale urged eligible Nebraskans to make sure they are registered to vote and then take the time to cast ballots.
“Voting in Nebraska is a very user-friendly process,” he said. People with voting questions can contact their County Election Office or the Secretary of State’s Office at (402) 471-2555."

Cass County Nebraska residents, call the Election Office in Plattsmouth at 402-296-9309 with any questions you might have.



2018 09 26 PINK CAR

The Sarpy/Cass Health Department offers free transportation assistance to women for their mammogram appointment.
The service includes home pick-up, hospital/clinic drop-off, and return home drop-off.
Eligibility includes women age 40-75 years living in Sarpy or Cass counties.
Please call SC Health Department for more information, 402-537-6968.




2018 09 19 backpack

The Conestoga Backpack Pantry serves the Murray, Nehawka, Union and Beaver Lake areas in southeast Nebraska, although we will not turn away anyone in need. Food packs are placed in the childrens' locker at school to take home on the weekends, helping to sustain them until returning to school the following week.

Your kind donation of non-perishable food items can be made at Cornerstone Bank in Murray during business hours, Monday-Friday: 8:00 am-4:00 pm or Murray Christian Church, Mondays and Thursdays, between 8 am and noon. We can pick up your items, too, if you cannot drop them off. Call Jill at 402-235-2527 on Monday or Thursday to make arrangements.

Some ideas are cereal, juice boxes, granola bars, cereal bars, pancake mix, peanut butter, jelly, tuna or chicken salad packs, fruit cups, raisins, cheese and cracker snacks, macaroni and cheese cups, etc. Keep in mind that some of the children are very young and are possibly 'preparing' their own meals. Easy to open containers are a good option for little hands.

Each time you shop, just pick up one thing and set it aside and after a few weeks, drop off your bag of items at the bank or church.

Thank you!





Sign-up for training classes to begin in January 2019 HERE!



2018 09 05 youth christian clipart 1

Murray Churches Youth Group 
is back in full swing!

If you know of a young person who would like to participate in fun youth group activities, contact either the Murray Christian Church, 402-235-2527,  or Murray Presbyterian church, 402-235-2754 for days, time and place.


2018 09 05 smaller crowd 1

Now is the Time….

“Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.” Charles E. Weller, an early typing teacher, wrote this as a keyboarding drill for his students. His idea relates to an attempt to overcome the “skills gap”.

The United States has unemployed workers while it urgently needs more than 5 million higher-skilled workers. How is that possible? Although many solutions have been offered, employers insist that unemployed American workers do not have the strong literacy, numeracy, and other workplace skills that our country needs to fill its empty jobs and compete in the global marketplace. Who knew that educating oneself is a part of patriotism?

Currently, GED programs across the nation are offering high school equivalency classes including literacy and numeracy skills, in addition to keyboarding, computer, and workplace skill training. Are you looking for a path to better employment? The Plattsmouth Adult Education Program offers classes and training in all these areas.

Classes are free and provided six times per week: Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:30 a.m. to noon and from 6:30 to 9 p.m. at the First Presbyterian Church, 701 Chicago Avenue (lower building.) Classes include individual learning plans and individual study as well as group discussions. Every student will have computer time during each study period.

Call 402-296-3174 ext. 2315 for information or just come at class time and check it out. You will be welcomed by a community of friendly and respectful teachers and students. Don’t delay. “Now is the time…”


2018 08 15 road construction sign

Be sure to add a few extra minutes to your travel plans, if you need to go through Murray on Highway 1 in the near future. Work will begin on the roads from Murray west to 84th Street.  The road work will most likely will continue through the fall. There will be a pilot car, so you should expect to wait a few minutes to continue on your journey. For everyone's safety remember to go slowly through the work zone. Above all, be patient and be kind.



2018 07 25 FOUND BALL GLOVE 1





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2018 05 30 SEWING MOUSE

2018 05 23 MCC CRAFTERS



2011 garage sale

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Please support our sponsors who are listed in each Newsletter. 
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autumn leaves 1

2018 09 26 PLT cruizin main sponsor
2018 10 10 LSV SOTW Kalkowski 1

2018 10 10 PLT Lib Poe month.

2018 10 10 PLT Lib Bingo Oct
2018 10 10 PLT Lib Halloween on Main
2018 10 10 PLT St John craft vendor

2018 10 10 PLT Lib Stuart Chittenden 830 mile long

2018 10 03 LOFTE Open Soon Guys on Ice 1



2018 09 26 LSV UMC Board game night
2018 10 03 LOFTE Auditions Nuncrackers

2018 09 26 PLT St John rummage 1


2018 09 26 PLT CHAMBER Masq gala


GP Auto Parts Extreme102718

2018 09 18 ELM Quonset



Bring your instrument(s) of choice or just your listening ears and come on over to Malvern, Iowa, for an old-fashioned, good time, filled with great music during the first weekend of November! 

You'll be happy you came!

Details below:

2018 09 12 MALVERN MUSIC




HelpWanted PL Masonic Home 090518



2018 09 05 PLT Lib Amazing race



2018 Fall Newsletter pg.1

2018 Fall Newsletter pg.2


2018 08 29 MNLY AWANA and Youth Group Flyer for Newsletters 1 1.


 2018 08 29 ELM Aldrich quilt show

Make plans now to attend the Fall Quilt and Barn Quilt Show at the Bess Streeter Aldrich House, September 1 to October 14, 2018.

With the help of the Oxbow Quilters and several other contributors, the Aldrich House is expecting over 40 fall quilts for the inside the house.  Outside, you will find 15 mini barn quilts (2' x 2') that have been designed to go along with our garden themes.

These "wooden quilts" are available for viewing in our beautiful gardens and will be for sale through a silent auction process. Please share this post with your friends and make this special exhibit part of your fall activities!



Witte Physical Therapy would like to announce a few changes to the 2018-2019 Student of the Week (now Students of the Month) program. We continue to look for nominations from local community members, teachers, coaches, athletic directors, or anybody else who would like to nominate a deserving student. The student could be from Conestoga, Elmwood-Murdock, Louisville, or Weeping Water Public Schools. Please see the criteria below.

1. The student must be an enrolled 7th-12th grade student at Conestoga, Elmwood-Murdock, Louisville, or Weeping Water Schools.
2. The student must participate in at least 1 extra-curricular activity outside of normal class work.
3. The student must be nominated from someone outside of their family and be verified by the school before their nomination can be accepted.
4. Nominations are due the first and third Fridays of the month. Please send an email to your school athletic director or principle for verification prior to sending it
5. Nominations must include the student’s name, parent(s)’ name(s), activities involved in, grade and school attended, and reason for nomination. Additional information including pictures would be appreciated!

The selected student will be posted on Facebook and Twitter pages belonging to Witte Physical Therapy on Wednesday mornings for consecutive weeks. A post will also be submitted to the weekly community newsletters for Murray, Elmwood, Murdock, Louisville, Weeping Water, and Manley, as well as the Plattsmouth Journal. The selected student will have the opportunity to stop by Witte Physical Therapy in Louisville and receive a free Witte Physical Therapy swag!

Selected Student Winners will be posted on  10/10, 10/24, 11/14, 11/28, and 12/12 in 2018. Dates in 2019 include 1/23, 2/13, 2/27, 3/13, 3/27, 4/10, 4/24, and 5/15.


.2018 08 08 PLT LIB Friday Friends Playgroup

.2018 07 25 NE ALES FESTIVAL.

Harvest Ale Festival is Coming on

October 13th!

The Nebraska Craft Brewers Guild, Nebraska Hop Program and Midwest Hop Producers present the inaugural Nebraska Harvest Ale Festival

The Nebraska Craft Brewers Guild, Nebraska Extension Hop Program and Midwest Hop Producers are thrilled to announce a new and exciting event that promotes community and the hop growing and craft brewing industries. The Harvest Ale Festival will take place on Saturday, October 13th at Midwest Hop Producers in Plattsmouth, Nebraska and will celebrate local hops and local beer with food, beer tastings, fall activities and music.

While we might be drenched in sweat under the summer sun busily preparing for harvest this fall, we can look forward to fall days with a nip in the air, crisp beers with fresh hop aromas, and gatherings with friends as the sun goes down. This unique outdoor festival will feature tastings of fresh hopped and harvest styled brews highlighting local hop and craft brew production in Nebraska, local food trucks, scenic views of the largest hop yard in Nebraska, and an afternoon you won’t forget among friends.

This event will bring people from all over the Midwest together and a portion of the proceeds from the event will be going to support the efforts of the Nebraska Craft Brewers Guild and the Nebraska Hop Program’s research and extension hop yard. Both of these organizations are working hard to better the craft brewing industry in the state!

For more information visit: //

Participating breweries: 5168 Brewing Co., Backswing Brewing Co., Blue Blood Brewing Co., Brickway Brewing Co., Code Beer Co., Empyrean Brewing Co., Farnam House Brewing Co., First Street Brewing Co., Infusion Brewing Co., Keg Creek Brewing Co. (IA), Kinkaider Brewing Co., Kros Strain Brewing Co., Lazy Horse Brewing Co., Lost Way Brewing Co., Lucky Bucket Brewing Co., Nebraska Brewing Co., Pals Brewing Co., Prairie Pride Brewing Co., Scriptown Brewing Co., Soaring Wings Vineyard & Brewing, Thunderhead Brewing Co., Upstream Brewing Co., and Zipline Brewing Co.

About the Nebraska Craft Brewers Guild

The Nebraska Craft Brewers Guild is a professional organization that fosters a Nebraska-centric community that is informed, enthusiastic and actively creating unity among its members on market and public policy issues to create the most business-friendly climate for craft brewers.

About the Nebraska Hops Program

The Nebraska Hop Program seeks to provide timely, research-based educational information, tools and resources for hop growers, brewers and the backyard enthusiasts in the Midwest region.

Questions about the Harvest Ale Festival may be directed to Gabby Ayala, Executive Director of the Nebraska Craft Brewers Guild at 402-649-5486 or by email at

.2018 07 04 WW MEM LANE Brown Bag 1.
.2018 05 30 SO BND Fairweather Finds 1.
.2018 05 02 WW Memory Lane Museum
.2014 04 25 WW Memory Lane actors wanted.



(Click here to print your schedule.)

2018 02 14 CCMT Flier1

October 13 - FREE ADMISSION! CCMT Anniversary Show!
October 27 - Frank Bigelow & Friends

November 10 - Warren Brewer & Friends
November 24 - Josh Krohn & Dirty River Ramblers

December 8 - Christmas Show, 
(Young musicians, up to 16 years old will be entertaining!)

** 7 PM, MONDAY, December 31, New Year's Eve Party!

.2015 09 30 Lofte Barn Banter

2018 Audition Dates Announced at the Lofte Theatre

Show Audition Dates /Production Dates:

Guys On Ice -  Show is Oct. 13-28
Nuncrackers Audition -  Oct. 22 & 23, Show -  Dec. 1-16


music note


The Great Plains Bluegrass and Old-Time Music Association has a wonderful instrument lending program, so please share this information with folks that you know. Here is the information from Jim Wood:

"We are in full swing looking for kids ages 5 to 16 who want to learn to play a bluegrass/old time instrument! 
The instruments we are lending include guitar, fiddles of different sizes, banjo, and mandolin, and have recently been gifted with a fine Dobro, thanks to Doug Van Horn. 
These instruments may be borrowed for a year as long as the learner has a mentor from our music association. 
The mentor will be selected by the student and parent. 
This mentor will give the Instrument lending committee a report of progress every three months."

If you wish to get an application to this Lending program, please contact Jim Wood at 402-397-4673 or



pumpkins leaves.



2016 11 23 SPR library



2016 09 21 VFW

2014-05-28 Al-Anon



2017 05 10 LSV hopes closet

Hope's Closet Hours:

M - F, 10-4

Saturday, 10-3


2015-05-06 SARPY_CASS_Safety_Seat_Inspect_copy

2016 09 21 Amer Job LOGO

2015 09 21 American Job Center




The following is an employment opportunity available to older adults in Cass County.

Experience Works is a national, non-profit organization funded by the US Dept of Labor to administer the Senior Community Service Employment Program, which assists people 55 and older in getting updated training to assist in returning to the workforce. This is a federally funded program and offers a no-cost employment service to older adults who qualify.
Once accepted into the program, individuals are placed in a training site in or near their community, where they gain on the job experience while working 20-21 hours/week at $8/hour.
We also help with skill assessments, computer training, resumes, cover letters, job search, etc.
The goal is that through the training and job search assistance we gain help older adults gain good jobs in or around their communities.

Stephanie MahonyEmployment and Training CoordinatorExperience Works, Inc.1111 "O" Street Ste 205--American Job CenterLincoln, NE 68508
Phone: 402-441-1654Fax: 402-441-6038stephanie_mahony@experienceworks.orgNebraska Toll-free Number: 1-877-314-7526.

2014-08-27 ELMWD_BNPMonthlySchedule.





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