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Murray Newsletter - June 23, 2010

Rain, Rain go away,
Come again some other day.

Rain, Rain go away,
Little Johnny wants to play....



On Sunday evening, June 20, 2010, the rain didn't want to let up.  Thunder started rumbling about 5:30 and didn't take a break until around midnight.  Lightning started an early fireworks show and kept the nighttime skies lit up all evening.

The College World Series game that was supposed to start at 1pm had 3 rain delays and the game didn't get over until, finally, around 10:30 pm.

Monday morning our rain gauge measured 4.1 inches of rain, while friends in Nehawka said they had well over 6 inches.  Highway 75 south of Union was closed due to flooding, as well as Highway 34 west of Union.  My grandson and I took a drive to the end of Plattsmouth's Main Street where the water was up to the tracks as you can see through the underpass.  Lucas snapped this picture of it:


While a cooling summer rain is often welcome, we wouldn't mind waiting awhile longer for any more.


Extension Help for Flooded Homes and Farms

Putting your farm or home back together after a flood involves many challenges. For help in addressing first entry into a flooded home, recovering flooded landscape, returning to the farm after a flood or managing flooded grain bins, visit our National eXtension web resource on floods and click on Clean Up and Recovery. Additional Extension resources are available from North Dakota State Extension and the First Steps to Flood Recovery from Purdue University. Special considerations for drinking and well water supply after flooding is also available at the UNL Water web site. Agriculture specific information can be found from Extension Disaster Education Network and from Crop Watch on crop flood insurance and crop production in flood damaged areas. Market Journal also interviews Extension's Keith Glewen, Paul Burgener, and Brad Lubben on the agronomic and crop insurance options for producers to consider for flooded crops.





T-BALL:  The 'T' is for Tiny Tot TERRIFIC!

When you've attended an event and leave seeing smiles on the faces of all those you pass by, you know you've just seen something special.  On Tuesday, June 8th, a t-ball game was taking place at the ball field at Young Park in Murray.

We have some little friends that play on both the Murray and Nehawka teams and we were thrilled when our schedule was such that we could go and watch them having some fun.

Like swarming bees, a hit to center field had the whole infield buzzing out to get the ball!  Another time, when the 'pitcher' chased down and picked up the ball, everyone yelled, 'Go to third', for a forced out, so he did...and he presented the base runner with the ball!  What sportsmanship!

Doing a good job and knowing it, you can't help but feel proud.  The Nehawka catcher, #44, would get the ball and give it to the coach or pitcher, then sit down, turn around and give everyone on the bleachers a 'thumbs up'!  That's confidence, right there!

Here are a few shots of the kids having fun...









Hosanna Lutheran Church Annual Rummage Sale

Thursday June 24th 9:00 am to 8:00 pm
Friday June 25th 9:00 am -2:00 pm
Saturday June 26th 9:00 am- 2:00 pm

700 S. 18th Street
Plattsmouth, NE

Across from the Plattsmouth Middle School

Bake Sale!  Lunch on the grill!





Amateur Radio Field Day
Ham Radio Operators

Young Memorial Park

Saturday, June 26, 1pm
Sunday, June 27, 1pm

Amateur Radio Field Day is an activity that is sponsored by the
American Radio Relay League (ARRL). It is an activity where individuals,
but more often clubs or groups of amateurs, set up stations in what
are emergency-like conditions. There are thousands of groups across the country from east coast to west that set up stations, and the stations must be run totally on emergency power (batteries, portable generators) and use antennas set up just for the exercise.

Stop by for an interesting visit and see how these people
set up their radios to communicate in the event of an

Here is a link to the ARRL and to a FD description.




The Nebraska Cornhusker Baseball Team held a youth clinic in Nehawka
on Wednesday, June 16th for those wanting to learn to be better ball players.





It was a beautiful day to be at the ball park and approximately 72 kids from Syracuse, Eagle, Elmwood, Murray and Nehawka, and some other rural
areas, signed-up to be coached by the UNL ball players.





Kids were divided into groups, then the Huskers gave pointers on how to hit,
pitch and field the ball.  There was a short break for lunch then back to the
field for more baseball.











The Otoe County Genealogical Society will host a genealogy workshop the
Morton-James Public Library at 923 First Corso in Nebraska City from 7-9 pm
on July 8th, 2010.

Library staff will demonstrate how to use the library's standard microfilm reader
and the new ST200X digital microfilm reader as well.  Guests will also be given
instruction on what genealogical resources the library has available in its Reference Room, along with instruction on utilizing the library's media center to help research their family's history online.

Point of Contact: Curtis Wolbert, President/Otoe County Genealogical Society






We've been waiting all year and FINALLY it's almost here! It's time
to celebrate! It's our 15th birthday and we would like to invite all of
you to join us.

As you know the American Cancer Society is the official
sponsor of more birthdays and this party is to celebrate the birthdays
of many survivors who will walk the all important "first lap" on the track.
We need you to help us remember and honor all those incredible people
we have lost to cancer.

The celebration begins when the first people arrive
(between 6 and 7 PM) and the survivors will walk at 7 PM.

Here are the details..........
American Cancer Society 2010 Relay For Life of Cass County
Date - Saturday, June 26 - 27, 2010 ~
Time - 7 PM to 7 AM on Sunday (12 hours)
Place - Plattsmouth High School Track / Football Field

You're all welcome to bring lawn chairs, sleeping bags and tents and
spend the night in the great outdoors with us.  If it rains, (which it won't!),
we will move indoors to the gymnasium. There will be music and planned
activities for all ages which will be going on through the night.

We are celebrating birthdays of everyone and especially survivors
everywhere so if you know any survivors who would like to be our
honored guests, please bring them along - the more the merrier!

Looking forward to seeing you,

Your ACS Relay For Life of Cass County Committee

Any questions or call Megan Maryott
(ACS) at 402-393-5801 X 70770.


Dear Cancer Survivor,

I'm writing to extend an invitation to participate in the American Cancer Society
2010 Relay for Life of Cass County. It will take place on Saturday, June 26, 2010 at Plattsmouth High School. You do not need to be a Cass County resident, just a cancer survivor. Each survivor is invited to bring one person of your choice to the dinner, also.

As cancer survivors you are what the Relay For Life is all about - you all are basically the "heart" of it and the reason we all work so hard to make it better every year. I became increasingly involved over the last several years because of my history with cancer (I'm a two time breast cancer survivor -and very proud of it!). Some of my fellow committee members are also survivors and, of course, we have all been touched by cancer involving loved ones as well.

What I'm asking of you is simple. Please plan to attend the Relay even if only for a short time. We need the opportunity to honor you with a survivor dinner at 5:30 PM (one caregiver for each survivor is also invited) and the celebratory survivor lap at 7 PM which is the start of the twelve hour event. I consider it a privilege to walk alongside all of you. Our goal is to honor 100 (men, women & children) survivors this year. Please keep in mind, we are not limited to only Cass County residents. We are reaching out to survivors near and far.

I ask that you either call our American Cancer Society Staff Partner, Megan Maryott at 1-402-393-5801 X70770 or logon to and select "Sign Up As A Survivor" and complete the registration - there is no charge for survivors. We are running out of time so please do it soon. If necessary you can register at the Relay that evening too!

It's that simple - will you do it?  It won't be the same without you!

Very Gratefully,
Jan Young


Relay For Life-Cass County

June 26-27, 2010

Schedule of Events

3:00 p.m.: Teams can begin checking in

5:00 p.m.: Survivor Registration begins

5:30 p.m.: Survivor Dinner

7:00 p.m.: Opening Ceremony, including Survivor Lap, Caregiver Lap
and bird release (special music)

7:00-9:00 p.m.: Silent Auction-Located @ the south end of the track

7:00 p.m.: Introduction to Miss Relay Contest (money turned in
at 9:00 p.m.)

8:00 p.m.: Elvis Performance

8:00 p.m.: Movies (appropriate for all ages) to play throughout the
night, location TBD

8:30 p.m.: 3-legged race

9:00-10:00 p.m.: Scavenger Hunt

9:30 p.m.: Silent auction items need to be paid for and picked up

9:45 p.m.: Miss Relay Crowned

9:45 p.m.: All money turned in for Fundraising Club

10:00 p.m.: Luminaria Ceremony (special music)

10:30 p.m.: Musical Chairs

11:00 p.m.: Frozen t-shirt contest

12:00 p.m.: Fight Back Ceremony (special music)

12:30 a.m.: Team Captain Meeting

1:00 a.m.: Limbo contest

2:00 a.m.: Poker Lap

3:00 a.m.: Pajama lap/party

4:00 a.m.: ACS Jeopardy

5:00 a.m.: Donuts, juice and coffee served

6:45 a.m.: Closing Ceremony, including prize drawing, grand total and final lap

*Please note times are subject to change*









The Southeast Soccer Club will be accepting registrations at:

Murray Christian Church (304 W. Young St)

Thursday, June 24th, 5:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m.

Players are accepted from anywhere, as long as they want to play soccer!

Fall season starts towards the end of August and ends at the end of October.

Registration deadline July 1st

Please bring a copy of player's birth certificate and a small school photo.

Birthday Cut-Off dates:
Players minimum age: 4 years old by August 1st
Players maximum age:  18 years old by August 1st

U5 & U6:   4 and 5 year olds playing  "Micro" soccer in  3 vs 3 - style,
and taught   basic skills, but the main objective is that they have FUN! 
Fee:  $20

U7 - U14 - Players must be 6yrs old by August 1st and can NOT be
older than 13 by August 1st. These are our recreational players and
they will play games in Bellevue, Plattsmouth, Murray, and possibly
Papillion, Springfield, and Nebraska City,  (if enough kids sign up to
have a team). 
Fee: $45

ENSA - We are now starting to have some of our younger age groups
play in this league, because it can be more challenging for the kids. It
does require a bigger committment from the kids and parents because
it's possible that games will be played in Elkhorn or Blair and possibly
other outlying communities; and their games may be on weekday evenings. 
ENSA Fee: $55

Registration forms are available on our website at if you would like to mail it to us at the
address on the form.

For more information, contact Fran Cutler by either email or phone, or 235-3170.




Special Olympics 2010 USA National Games -- July 18-23

Lincoln, NE

More than 3,000 athletes will be competing in 14 competitive events.

Preceded by the world's largest civilian airlift.

Admission is Free

For More Information: Phone: (402) 467-0031







It'll be here before you know it!

Visit the Cass County Fair website, and view all the preparations
for the 2010 Cass County Fair!

Click Here:




The CASS COUNTY GOING GREEN Recycle Trailer will be located in the
southwest corner of the Murray Rural Fire Dept.'s parking lot the following dates:

July 3 - 9
July 24 - 30
August 14 - 20
September 4 - 10
September 25 - October 1
October 15 - 22
November 6 - 12
November 27 - December 3
December 18 - 24

(The Waste Management recycle bins located behind Town Hall are for
Murray residents only, although Murray residents may also use the
Cass County Recycle Trailer.)






Event announcements and advertising can be an enormous expense when
you're wanting or needing to get the word out.  If you've checked into regular
newspaper pricing lately for such items, you'll know what I'm talking about.  So
why spend your hard-earned money, when you can accomplish the same thing
right here - FREE - on your local news website?

Below is a list of categories that will cost you absolutely nothing, except the
time to submit it, (which you'd have to do with a regular newspaper anyway):

Wedding / Engagement Announcements and Photos
Birth Announcements
Letters to the Editor
Birthday Greeting
Upcoming Events
Cards of Thanks
and So Much More.

That's right!  These are all items that can appear FREE of CHARGE
in each Wednesday's Murray Newsletter and/or Calendar!

All YOU have to do is send the information to us - it's that simple!

Deadline for submissions to each week's Wednesday Newsletter is
NO LATER THAN NOON on that week's MONDAY and it's so easy to submit
your news.

1.)  You may call your information to 402-235-2926,
Leave a voice mail with your name phone number.

2.)  Email your story to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
No 'zip' files, please, and send photos in jpg format, if possible,
no larger than 640 x 480 pixels.

3.)  Send items via the U.S. postal service to:
201 N How Ave, Murray, NE, 68409-8403. 
(When mailing items you'd like to get back, please enclose a self-addressed,
stamped envelope.)

Remember to include 'who, what, when, where and why', along with any other helpful
details, such as a contact person and phone.

Thanks for helping to keep YOUR Murray Newsletter fresh and up-to-date!



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